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Compensation for a workplace accident

Deciding what to do after an injury at work can be extremely worrying and stressful. We are here to give you clarity, support and knowledge about your right to compensation.

Claiming for an accident at work

If you’ve been injured in an accident at work, the thought of claiming compensation can be stressful and worrying.

You may be suffering from the injuries themselves and quite possibly experiencing the impace on your family and social life.

You may be suffering from the injuries themselves and quite possibly experiencing the impact on your family and social life. Your income may, for instance, have reduced drastically and you may be relying heavily on your family and friends while you are recovering.

There can be many costs and expenses associated with an accident. We are here to help make sure you receive maximum compensation with minimum delays. If needed your solicitor may also be able to help with interim payments while your case is being processed.

Knowledge, confidence, choice


Following an accident, it’s natural to feel uncertain about where you stand. We give you clarity on your legal rights.


When you have the right knowledge, you can make decisions about what to do next with confidence.


You should never feel pressured to pursue a claim when you don’t feel comfortable. With us, you’re in control. Always.

Workplace injuries can have big consequences

You devote an awful lot of time and energy to your employer. It’s only fair that they provide a safe environment for you to work in. Yet thousands of workplace accidents happen every year. And the sad truth is that many accidents could be avoided if employers took proper care of their staff.

There can be big consequences when you are injured at work. Not only is the injury itself traumatic. But your job – of course – is your livelihood. If you lose your income because of your injury, you may begin to struggle financially. Money worries are stressful and can put a big strain on your day-to-day life. That’s not fair. Especially if your injury wasn’t your fault.

Your employer must keep you safe. It’s the law.

Employers have a legal duty to keep staff safe. It’s called their ‘duty of care’. That means they must take measures to prevent accidents as well as providing proper safety equipment and training to stop injuries and illnesses developing over time. It’s why you have every right to seek compensation. Especially if your injury has made it hard – or impossible – to return to work in your preferred occupation. We are here to give you free, friendly guidance on your options. And don’t worry. There’s no obligation to make a claim if you call us for some advice. It’s all about finding out what your options are.

What if you were partly to blame?

It’s not uncommon for an injured employee to blame themselves following a workplace injury. For example, it’s easy to put an accident down to clumsiness or thoughtlessness, when in fact the accident wouldn’t have happened if there had been proper safety measures in place. So don’t blame yourself. Because even if you were partly at fault, in many cases you will still be able to seek compensation.

How much could your claim be worth?

Compensation for an accident can range from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds. Sometimes even more. Every claim is different and the amount of compensation awarded can vary, depending upon the individual circumstances of the claim.

Clear advice – because you deserve to know where you stand

Get in touch

Tell us about what happened and one of our friendly advisers will talk through your options with you and let you know how we can help - it’s that easy to get started.

We listen

If we think you have a claim – and you want to proceed – we will pass your case to a trusted solicitor who is experienced in cases like yours. They offer a free claim assessment.

You sit back

Your solicitor will work on a no win, no fee basis to secure maximum compensation in the shortest time possible. You will be kept up to speed every step of the way.

Clear advice – without the cost. You deserve to know where you stand.

It’s best to start your claim as soon as you can

It’s always best to start your claim as soon as you can, while the details of your accident are still fresh. But we understand that seeking compensation is perhaps something that you’ve been putting off. Maybe you’ve been too busy or have been focusing on your recovery. You may not even work for the same employer anymore. That’s perfectly understandable.

However, there are important legal timeframes within which you must start your claim. So it’s best to call us as soon as you are able. We should be able to tell you in one phone call whether or not you are entitled to compensation.

Who pays your compensation?

Making a claim against your employer can feel daunting – for obvious reasons. You don’t want to put your job at risk or jeopardise your relationship with your colleagues. Or perhaps you are worried the company you work for could face financial hardship if you pursue a claim. But there’s a key point that’s important to keep in mind.

Any compensation you receive won’t actually be paid by your employer. All companies are legally required to have liability insurance to cover claims for injuries. So rather than your employer footing the bill for your compensation, the money will come from an insurance company. That’s a big relief for a lot of people we talk to.

It’s also reassuring to know that there are laws that prevent an employer from treating you differently if you make a personal injury claim against them. If they tried to sack you it would be a case of unfair dismissal, while any negative treatment you receive as a result of your claim would be grounds for constructive dismissal. The law is there to protect you.

No win, no fee, no risk

No Win No Fee – simply means that if you don’t win your claim, there will be no cost to you.

Our panel of expert solicitors offer a no win, no fee service. There are no upfront costs – and if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t pay a penny to anyone. Instead our solicitors only charge a fee if you are awarded compensation. This will be subject to your individual circumstances and may vary but will always be agreed with your solicitors upfront.

Why choose Accident Compensation Helpline?

You may feel nervous about seeking compensation. But calling us doesn’t mean you have to start a claim. Maybe you have questions about your legal rights. Or perhaps you want to know more about the process of seeking compensation. We are here to give you free advice that will enable you to make clear decisions. And we will never pressure you to make a claim that you feel unsure of. That’s a promise.

Personal service

With us you are never just a statistic. Each person that calls us is treated as an individual – with compassion and respect. Just the way it should be.

Expert support

Our panel of specialist solicitors are highly experienced in winning accident claims. They will work to claim the maximum compensation available to you.

Excellent reviews

We are proud to have so many Excellent 5 Star reviews and to be one of the highest rated companies on Trustpilot by our happy customers.

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

What happens when you speak to us?

Firstly our advice team will take a few details about what happened to you and talk through your options. If we think you have a case, we will offer to connect you with a solicitor from our panel of experts who is experienced with claims like yours. They will complete a detailed assessment – free of charge – and let you know how they can help. If your case is accepted and you want to go ahead, your solicitor will take care of the legal process from start to finish – keeping you informed every step of the way. And remember: we work on a no win, no fee basis. You won’t pay a penny to anyone if your claim is unsuccessful.

Tell us what happened

If you feel what happened was unfair, then you deserve clear advice to find out where you stand. You may be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation.

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