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If you’ve suffered an injury at work through no fault of your own, you should be entitled to compensation.


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    Work Accident Claims

    Claiming compensation for a work accident

    An injury at work can mean an incredibly worrying and stressful time for you and your loved ones. We’re here to support you with free initial advice from our claim experts, who will be able to let you know whether you might have a claim.

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    Your employer has a duty to keep you safe.

    Thousands of workplace accidents happen every year, many of which could have been prevented if the correct measures were put in place. Employers have a duty of care to protect their staff and provide a safe working environment, from sufficient safety equipment being available, to conducting thorough procedure training – it’s all there for a reason. Sadly, when these measures are not maintained, accidents can happen.

    Not only are these incidents traumatic, they can place a big financial burden on you and your family. Our jobs are our livelihood and when we put so much time and energy into our work, we shouldn’t be feeling anxious about potential loss of income if we are left unable to work due to illness or injury. Not only is financial stress a big strain on the family, it’s not fair when your accident wasn’t your fault.


    Whether you have an illness that has developed over time, or an accident due to poor health and safety standards, you could be entitled to compensation, especially if your injury has made it difficult, or even impossible to return to your preferred trade.


    No Win No Fee Service

    Legal costs can be expensive. That’s why we work with a panel of solicitors on a no win, no fee basis, so if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t pay a penny!


    Our solicitors will only charge a fee if you are awarded compensation, which will always be agreed upfront and is typically around 25% of the compensation you are awarded.

    There are many types of accident at work claims. Whatever the cause of your accident, our friendly team are happy to help 

    Your employer has a duty of care to enable you to do your job safely. This includes providing a safe working environment, proper training, protective clothing and the regular maintenance of machinery and equipment. Unfortunately however, every year thousands of accidents at work still happen. So if you’re looking to make a claim for compensation, we’re here to help.

    The Health & Safety regulations are there to protect every single individual in a workplace, whether you’re an employee or a visitor. It lays out clear regulations on how the working environment should be managed in order to minimise the risk of accidents. If you work in civil engineering and are looking to make a claim for compensation, we’re here to help.

    Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common causes of accidents at work. They can be caused by slipping on wet floors or tripping over items left in doorways or trailing across the floor. Whether your accident happened on a construction site, in an office or a factory or anywhere else related to your employment, why not give our advisors a call to see how we can help.

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        You’ve seen the television adverts. There are several personal injury companies out there. That’s because – unfortunately – a lot of accidents happen that could have been prevented. But with us you are never just a statistic. No two accidents are quite the same and each person who calls us is treated as an individual – with compassion and respect. Just the way it should be.

        We also understand that seeking compensation can sometimes feel daunting. But if the treatment you have received feels wrong, you deserve clear advice to help put it right. So let us make you a promise: calling us doesn’t mean you have to start a claim. Maybe you have questions about your legal rights. Or perhaps you want to know more about the process of seeking compensation. We are here to give you free advice that will make things clearer. And we will never pressure you to make a claim that you feel unsure of. That’s a promise.

        Who pays your compensation

        Taking action against an employer can feel daunting – especially if it’s your current employer. You may be apprehensive to seek the compensation that’s rightfully yours if you feel it could jeopardise your career or your relationship with your colleagues. But try to stay calm. Firstly it’s important to know that if your claim is successful, your compensation will be covered by an insurer. Your employer won’t pay anything directly because all businesses are obliged to have liability cover by law. After all, the welfare of staff should always come first.

        It’s also reassuring to know that there are laws that prevent an employer from treating you differently once you have made a personal injury claim against them. If they tried to sack you it would be a case of unfair dismissal, while any negative treatment you received as a result of your claim would be grounds for constructive dismissal. If you would like to know more about how the law is there to protect you, call our friendly advice team for free on 0800 0511 511. We are here to answer your questions anytime

        No Win No Fee Service

        It’s no secret that legal costs can be expensive. The good news is that our panel of expert solicitors work on a no win, no fee basis. That means if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t pay a penny to anyone. Instead our solicitors only charge a fee if you are awarded compensation. This is typically around 25% of the total compensation sum you receive – and will always be agreed with you upfront.

        Its best to start your claim as soon as possible

        Thanks to our experienced advice team, you should be able to find out if you are entitled to compensation in one phone call. We understand that perhaps seeking compensation is something you have been putting off. Maybe you have been too busy or you have been focusing on your recovery. But there are important legal timeframes within which you must begin your claim. So it’s always best to get things moving as soon as you can, while the details of your accident are still fresh and you can gather as much evidence as possible. Call us for free on 0800 0511 511. We can help you make your decisions with confidence.

        What should you expect when you call us?

        When you get in touch with us, our advice team will take a few details and talk through your available options with you. If we think you have a case, we will offer to put you in touch with a solicitor from our panel of experts who is experienced with accident claims like yours. They will complete a detailed assessment of your case – free of charge – and let you know how they can help you.

        If your case is accepted and you want to go ahead, your solicitor will begin the legal process – keeping you informed every step of the way. Remember: our solicitors work on a no win, no fee basis. So you won’t pay a penny to anyone if your claim is unsuccessful

        How long does the process take? That depends how complicated your case is and how much evidence you have gathered. Clear cut cases where your employer accepts liability can be resolved in as little as a few months. A case that’s more complex will take longer – though your solicitor may be able to secure interim payments while you wait for a final settlement. No matter what happens, we will be with you every step of the way

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