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      Accident At Work Claims

      We will help you claim your compensation

      If you’ve been injured in an accident at work, the thought of claiming compensation can be stressful and worrying. 

      You may be suffering from the injuries themselves and quite possibly experiencing the impact on your family and social life. Your income may, for instance, have reduced drastically and you may be relying heavily on your family and friends while you are recovering.

      We’re here to assist you in understanding what you can do, and to help you claim the compensation to which you may be entitled. We will arrange free, specialist advice, from highly experienced personal injury compensation lawyers, so that you get the guidance you need.

      Here’s the bottom line: if you were injured at work – even if you were partly at fault – you have the legal right to claim compensation. You can claim for the actual injuries and for other related losses, such as loss of earnings, out of pocket expenses and so on.

      There are many causes of accidents and injury at work. If you’re suffering from an illness or condition caused by your working environment, even if it was with a previous employer, you may be able to claim compensation.

      What can I claim for?

      You can claim compensation for the actual injuries you have suffered – this is called ‘general damages’. How much your claim will be worth varies significantly depending on the nature and extent of your injuries, but your specialist lawyer will talk you through this.

      You can also claim for any accident-related financial losses known as ‘special damages’, for example:

      • Loss of earnings

        In addition to claiming compensation for your normal wages, you may have lost out on potential overtime, bonuses or commission because of your injuries. You can claim for all of these if they relate to the accident.

      • Medical expenses and rehabilitation costs

        This includes things like prescription costs, the cost of buying equipment to help in your rehabilitation, and the cost of private medical treatment if you have to ‘go private’.

      • Travel expenses

        That could be, for instance, taxis or public transport to hospital appointments.

      • Damaged clothing and personal items

        Sometimes, personal belongings and clothing can be damaged in an accident. You may be able to claim for these too.

      • Interim payments

        Interim payments may be available in certain circumstances. We understand that an accident can cause financial hardship to the injured person and their family. Our solicitors will always try to secure interim payments where needed.

      Who will pay my compensation?

      We all expect to go to work and remain safe as we go about our responsibilities. However, you may be concerned about the potential impact of making a compensation claim on your employer’s finances, but you needn’t worry.

      Your employer will have liability insurance in place precisely to cover the risk of injury claims by employees, contractors, visitors to the workplace, and so on – it is a legal requirement reflecting the reality that there are risks of accidents and illnesses in all types of workplaces. 

      This means that it will be the insurance company and not your employer who will be paying the compensation. So if you have been unsure about claiming injury compensation, you don’t need to be concerned about the financial impact on your employer.

      What if I was partly to blame?

      It’s not uncommon for an injured employee to blame themselves, when in reality – they were not entirely at fault. It is easy to put an accident down to clumsiness or thoughtlessness, when in fact it was because of insufficient safety measures at work.

      In some cases, the injured employee can be held partly to blame, but it is important to understand that does not exclude you from making a claim. In this case you could be entitled to a proportion of the compensation.

      If you are unsure who was at fault, our specialist lawyers are here to advise.

      What should I do now?

      We’re here to support you, we will speak with you and put your mind at rest. You can then focus on what really matters – your recovery.

      We genuinely care about you as an injury claimant. We make a point of working closely with our solicitors and will be here to help every step of the way.


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      Our panel of solicitors offer a free initial consultation, and can usually let you know there and then if they can accept your claim. Claims are handled on a ‘no win no fee’ basis and there are no upfront costs.

      Our panel of solicitors offer a No Win No Fee service. This simply means that if you don’t win your claim, there will be no cost to you. Customers typically pay a success fee of 25% of the amount recovered towards their legal costs. This may vary but will always be agreed with your solicitors upfront. 

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